Shipping Policy

  • All Sales are Final
  • No Refunds No exchanges
  • Every medication we make is customized for a specific patient. We do not accept returns or process refunds for compounded medications. Patients are encouraged to ask any questions they have about their custom medication at the time of ordering. We contact the patient with every new prescription to make sure they agree to purchasing the prescription before the order is made.
  • Specific therapeutic outcomes cannot be guaranteed and are not grounds for returns or refunds.
  • If your medications are packaged for overnight shipment we will properly package your medication for next day delivery by courier, or if on Fridays or holidays, they will be delivered the next business day. Refrigerated items are always shipped next day unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon by both pharmacy and client.
  • Your package shall be sent by an overnight courier called Golden State Overnight (“GSO”). GSO is an independent company from us and is wholey responsible for delivering your package. Once your package is scheduled with pharmacy, pharmacy will schedule your delivery with GSO. If there are any problems with your delivery, for any reason, client must contact GSO to resolve them or to make other arrangements to ensure the delivery of their package.
  • If you need assistance in tracking your package, we will be happy to provide you with the tracking number. Once you have the tracking number of your delivery, you must contact GSO at 1-800-322-5555 to track your package. You may also make other delivery arrangements with GSO if needed.
  • If client is not successful in recovering their package from GSO, the client may file a claim with GSO to be refunded for the loss of their package. In this event, A&O Compounding may re-formulate your medication in accordance with all state and federal requirements. However, you shall be charged for the medication.