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Brett B.

If I could give 10 starts I would.

Our daughter needed an oral rinse to help alleviate some sever pain. Walgreens simply refused to fill it, but didn't tell us for a day while our daughter continued to suffer. We were referred to A&O, and found out they are only in Salinas and their SJ location is closed. My wife spoke to Mariam, a saint, who agreed to bring the prescription with her home and meet my wife in SJ the same day so we could get the medication to our daughter. I've never received service like this from a pharmacy, it was unbelievable. We are so grateful as the rinse almost instantly made our daughter's mouth feel better. Thank you Mariam and A&O for the incredible, over the top service.

Cindy L.

The employees at A&O pharmacy go above and beyond to make sure they can do whatever they can to please their customers.

I ran out of capsules the night before the Thanksgiving holiday because of a refill miscommunication with my primary physician. I was panicky because I was afraid I'd have to wait until the lab employees at the pharmacy returned to work the week after Thanksgiving.

Even though it was very late in the day before the holiday, they filled my prescription and it was sent overnight to me. I live an hour away. I'm not sure if they had to work overtime but the two employees that I spoke with were very compassionate re my situation. In fact every employee I've ever spoken with in prior years are always very pleasant and friendly when I phone.

Thank you A&O Pharmacy. I appreciate you.

5 star.png

Dee D.

"I want to say thank you to everyone at A&O. I am a cancer survivor taking and estrogen blocker, and I have a side effect that is devastating. My oncologist ordered a prescription that I happen to be allergic to; a very rare reaction, but I had it. Dave and his daughter resolved the issue and found a solution and contacted my oncologist. I am on my way to relief. Thank you A&O thank you. I recommend if you have a medicine that needs to be made. They are the people that will have your best interest at heart."

5 star.png

Donna L.

"Dave created an ear med for my dog. The 1st time in 4 years my dog is infection free! The vet was very excited to see how well her treatment worked. Dave and his staff went above and beyond for this very old cocker."

5 star.png

Eileen E.

"An excellent pharmacy when special attention is given to complicated billing for medications. The pharmacists do an excellent job in filling scripts and making sure they are billed correctly. They will also order items for you that they may not normally carry."

5 star.png

Hoang Ngo

"Good Service!"

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