Feather picking in pet birds is an obsessive, destructive behavior pattern whereby a bird plucks, amputates, chews or, in some other way, destroys some or most of its feathers that it can reach with its beak.


  1. Environmental: Inappropriate cage size, Lack of sunlight, stressful noises
  2. Nutritional (most common): Nutritional absence of Zn, Mg, Mn and Vitamin A
  3. Underlying Disease: Feather/Skin follicle infection
  4. Separation Anxiety: Owners are gone on vacation and bird is alone.

Nutritional Imbalances Therapies:

Nutritional absence of Zn, Mn, Mg and Vitamin A. Imbalance occurs when there are all seed diets without fruits and veggies. It is seen with all types of birds except may be raptors.

Avian Veterinary Compounding Options:

Our C-4 Veterinary Compounding Specialists at San Jose Compounding can custom compound following formulations when prescribed by a veterinarian.

Zn/Mg/Mn/Vitamin A Oral Solution (individualized) for nutritional deficiency.

Fluconazole 100mg/ml Pina Colada Oral Suspension (Avian) for fungal underlying disease.

Haloperidol 0.06mg-1mg/ml Tangerine Suspension (Avian) for separation anxiety.

Flavors of choice: tutti fruti, mango, pina colada, apple, banana, orange, fish, beef, liver.

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