Antibiotics for Cats and Dogs

Did you know that not all the antibiotics that may be suitable for your dog may not be suitable for your cat? One such example is a common antibiotic called Enrofloxacin (Baytril). Enrofloxacin (Baytril) is a commonly administered antibiotic to dogs however when the same antibiotic if administered to cats may cause retinal toxicity and blindness. The reason is because in cats there are specific amino acid changes in the ABCG2 transporter at the blood-aqueous barrier cause a functional defect of the transport protein, allowing enrofloxacin to enter the inner eye. When light enters the inner eye through the pupil, enrofloxacin is photoactivated to reactive oxygen species that are toxic to the retina of cats. A safer alternative (e.g., marbofloxacin) should be considered.

At A&O Compounding our veterinary compounding pharmacists and formulation specialist are trained to know these differences. We are always careful to note down the species and their body weight on our prescriptions. Sometimes there are breed specific adverse events in felines and canines. Hence, we also note down the breed of the animals.

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